October 2, 2011 - Four Birds Flying; Three Birds Nesting

You must stir it and stump it,
And blow your own trumpet,
Or, trust me, you haven't a chance!
- Gilbert & Sullivan, Ruddigore

I've been wildly "stumping it" over the last two weeks. Four birds have flown: two were accepted to the Lakewood Arts Council's juried exhibit, Spotlight on Colorado Artists. Two more, to my delight, were accepted to the Poudre Studio Artists and Galleries juried exhibit, Harvest Time. I'm excited to deliver those in November, because I'll also have a chance to visit my delightful artist/theater/photographer cousins in Fort Collins.

Three birds also have alighted. I've been privileged to acquire works from Carolyn Evans Campbell, Donald Sayers, and Jared Shear. The delicious energy of their fine works creates mandala of creativity that goes 'round and 'round in a happy swirl. I also was honored to help Don Sayers with the Longmont Open Studio Tour in September, where I luxuriated in a day surrounded by fine art and fine folks.

September 2 was a big day for me:  juror Jill Soukup generously selected "Roses are Red" for the second place award at the Mountainside Art Guild's Mountainside Miniatures annual exhibit. I was so impressed by this carefully juried exhibit, and most grateful to the Guild members who are sitting the show on weekends so that people can enjoy it on Saturdays and Sundays.

In the interstices, I've been pecking away at small works for the holiday season and for an upcoming miniatures show. Steve Tracy, my Wednesday Workshop instructor, is graciously tolerant of my flurry of collage paper all over our classroom at the Foothills Art Center (if you visit there, don't miss the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Show . . . and, ahem, the Mountainside Miniatures show next door.)

That's the basic roundup. I have more in-depth blogworthy thoughts to share, but tonight is going to be a catch-up-on-sleep evening in preparation for tomorrow's open studio at Artful Journey in Evergreen. This small but vigorous fine arts school, where my preschooler produces amazing projects thanks to their amazing instructors, has become my go-to for "I've got to get away from these stacks of laundry" local painting days. Insert "luv" symbol here.

In closing, because an artist's blog entry is no fun without artworks, I'll post what I can. My photos are backlogged due to an AWOL computer cord, but said cord was unearthed two days ago and I'll soon catch up.

In the meantime, here are the pieces that will be be on display at Harvest Time in November:

The first is called "3 for $1.00" in honor of our great Colorado sweet corn . . . almost on par with Minnesota sweet corn . . . and, of course, the best way to purchase either is out of somebody's pickup at the side of a dirt road:

The second is called "Sugar Pies" in honor of the season when leaves blaze, skies darken, woodsmoke blooms, and my dear husband festoons the kitchen with from-scratch pumpkin puree:

Now that my camera is back in service, I owe several people several photos of this-and-that. I hereby make a formal mass apology for the delays and formal promises of catch-up emails soon. Thanks for bearing with me!

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