May 15, 2011 - Grey

Is the spelling "grey" or "gray"?  If we want to get technical, which of course we do, it's a light neutral blue-"grey."

Yes, it's snowing in Colorado.  The whole Arizona week seems like a wonderful dream. I have scads and scads of blog material to share; I will parcel it out over the next few weeks. Watch for Friday updates.

In the interim, here's a question: when we rub elbows with so many females in our studios, workshops, and critique groups, why do the magazines and galleries often seem dominated by males? 

I posed this question during a group this week. In response, most of the group shrugged, except for one artist who dismissively sniffed, "Ego."

Well, I think "ego" is inaccurate and incomplete. I don't have a better answer yet, but I think it has more to do with ambition. Take a look at The Scarlet A, Leslie Bennett's recent article from Elle Magazine, and pay particular attention to the comments about intentionality. Are you an asker or an askee?  Is ambition distasteful? Is admitting your ambition distasteful? Let me know what you think.

And, for artists in particular, a special question:  how many handicaps and negatives do you heap upon yourself? "It will never sell / It's not good enough / I can't get focused / I have no time . . . "

Bleah.  I've resolved to let other people tell me "no."  Pass me that scarlet A. I have a good spot for it: right here on my shoulder where the grumpy demons used to sit.

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